A special hour for your weekend.

Not just for farmers, this is a show for listeners who eat, and for advertisers who want to talk to them.
You know Doug Stephan, as host of “Good Day,” weekday mornings on several hundred stations for several decades. You might not know that Doug is a working dairy farmer, in rural Massachusetts.

MichaelHarrison“I told Doug: You should do a show about this!”
Michael Harrison, Publisher
Talkers magazine

“The American Family Farmer brings your station something special, to offer advertiser categories you might not otherwise sell. And The American Family Farmer can become ‘appointment listening’ to hobbyist farmers, people from every walk of life, people every retail advertiser wants as customers.”

The American family farmer’s issues are your listeners’ issues.
Doug warns: “The government, through bad policy, and big business, through aggressive policy, are slowly pushing the family farmer away, to-the-point-where his land may be more attractive for development. There will not be enough food to feed America in 50 years” unless we’re all more aware.
Hear the brief demo.

Connecting farmers and local business owners and consumers.
“Locovores” know: “The lettuce or spinach that comes from California to New York and takes three days to get there has lost at least half of its nutritional value. It’s not fresh produce.”

Your Sales department will love this show as much as listeners will.
Doug will voice your local spots — including spec spots — at no charge.
The American Family Farmer is FREE, a straight barter, and there’s plenty of local inventory. [clock]
It’s delivered by easy FTP download, and you can play it any time on Saturday or Sunday.